Who am I ?

My name is Isabella,I'm 28 years old and live in Buskerud,Norway.
I have years of experience with dogs.My grandmother had a German Shepard,Border Collie and a Samojed mix.In my youth I had my very own dog a flatcoated retriver.

I got my first Chihuahua in 2005,but I have been studying the breed 3 years prior to that.
It was Mrs.Pamela Steineger who taught me most of what I know,and she is who I bought my first chihuahua from.And I am so eternally greatful for that!

To this date we have 5 chihuahuas living here at home.We also have a cat wich get along with the dogs just fine.

I have gone Cynology course and The Breeder course 1and 2.
And I will most likely go to more as I really enjoy learning everything there is to know about dogs and this breed.




Most of my sparetime ,if not spent with my family goes to my dogs.Theire welfare is extremly important to me.They are not just pets,but family!